Upstate Community Edge

Bringing The Local Community Together One Savings At a Time

Upstate Community Edge

Previously Known As "Raving Saving" The Expert Real Estate Team has revitalized the program and is expanding upon its community of thousands of past clients to bring them and local businesses value. We have created a partnership with local businesses who have provided some great discounts & offers for their services!

Local Upstate Savings Program

Local Owned Business

Only locally owned companies are eligible to join the program as it's our goal to bring more exposure to small businesses that actually contribute to our upstate community.

Membership Required

Membership is required as we want to maintain a relationship with customers and keep them up to date as our program evolves and grows.

Free Participation

Membership is free and everyone that participates will receive a membership card so that our vendors know when a discount is warranted. 

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Become A Local Vendor Today!

Become a local community edge vendor and unlock tons of local value in the upstate South Carolina area.

New Vendor Discounts!

Justice Brother Construction

Jeter, Lloyed, Benjamson & Booth, CPAs

Lanier Heating & Air Service

Sparta Junk Removal

Levels Of Membership

Customer Membership

As a registered customer, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of the different local business discounts with a card or code provided at signup. You'll receive monthly emails about program updates and new vendors. You'll have access to different Real Estate services like property value updates and relocation services.

Vendor Membership

When you become a vendor with us, not only will you have access to other vendor discounts but, you'll be invited to a quarterly networking event hosted by the Expert Real Estate Team, an invite to an exclusive Facebook group with local marketing tips and, we will shoot a professional business video for your own use and the business page available on the site!

Client Membership

As a client with the Expert Real Estate Team, meaning you've bought or sold with the team, you'll have access to exclusive giveaways like thanksgiving pies and program updates. A selection of item rentals like a blowup movie screen, chairs, and much much more. 

Join Upstate Community Edge

We want to welcome you to the community!

The point is to make homeownership a little bit cheaper and to keep the business local. As the upstate grows, we want to keep the local guys in business so they can continue to bring that next level of relatable customer service. Very seldom do you see a big brand offer the same service and reachability a local one can. Large brands don't sponsor the local high school baseball game or care when a natural disaster strikes.

We hope that by joining the community, you will help local businesses grow, including ourselves. At the Expert Real Estate Team we have the marketing budget to run this program so that other small businesses can focus on being great. Our goal isn't just to help clients buy and sell homes but to create a strong community that we can enjoy and be a part of. We are all in this community together after all.

We need an address to verify that you are indeed in the upstate South Carolina area and to mail a membership card. Because this is a free service, we can not track membership status with the website, but we can keep a running list of members that we can email monthly.

When you receive an onboarding email with confirmation from our staff, and you receive a membership card. We will email a temporary card as well. Most vendors are in-person use only, so just show them the card they'll know what to do.

Yes, it is free. If you are a vendor joining the program, we ask that you sign a one-year contract as you receive tons of added value with your offering on the site.

You have to have used the Expert Real Estate Team in a real estate transaction in the past.

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